Laura Sides, L.M.T.

PA Lic.MSG000005 Main Line Massage Studio


Laura's Mission:

It truly makes my soul happy to provide individuals with corrective muscle care and healthy muscle function while reminding your body of stillness. 

Above all, I love being a part of someone giving to themselves.  

About Laura's Massage:

Your massage experience is always customized to your preference in touch, pressure and comfort with the utmost regard for you.

The cornerstone of my massage is a shiatsu (acupressure) oriented massage through a steady deep swedish touch and deep tissue woven throughout wherever needed. The result is a powerfully restorative opening of the meridians (energetic highways), reduced pain and increased muscle function.  I use high quality PARABEN FREE Biotone Naturals™ massage cream that is nourishing to your skin does not leave a residue on your clothing.

With an intuitive steady focus on you, my massage becomes a detailed, skillful massage guiding you through your body as corrections are made. By completion, you will feel a profound awareness of relaxation and lightness that your body joyfully remembers.

It will be my pleasure to work with you in collaboration - giving and receiving from our fellow man in trust, competence and support.



Massage is a gift to yourself, from yourself - with love.







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